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3 Reasons why hiring a fee-only financial advisor should be important to you.

Choosing a financial advisor is an incredibly important task, I know. After 15 years of helping clients make this decision, I can sympathize with you. There’s the endless phone calls, meetings, data gathering, and other time-consuming tasks.

Add in a pandemic, market volatility, and life in general, it’s easy to see why you may be paralyzed by decisions like this.

That’s why I created the Emerging Millionaire Method™ – to make these decisions and the financial planning process so much simpler for you.

Personally, it wasn’t an easy decision for me to leave the safety and security of a well-know financial services firm to launch my own Registered Investment Advisory practice. But, after months of agonizing over the decision and speaking with trusted clients, friends, family, and colleagues, I did. Because your financial well-being matters to me.

This is not just fluff, but I firmly believe in my heart of hearts, that I am in a better position now to give you the service and financial advice you deserve.

I hope you can sense the passion I have for helping and working with people like you.

To that end, I made a quick video discussing three things you need to know to before you choose whom to work with and how to work with them.

I hope you will take a couple of minutes to watch. I believe it will save you some serious headaches and money.


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