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You Can’t Stop Inflation, But You Can Protect Your Business

Inflation happens, and it can hurt your business. However, if you want to weather the worst of it, you have to take steps to put yourself in that position now. Today’s tips by our team at Woodson Wealth Management will help you maintain profits when your dollars don’t go as far.

Avoid errors by using accounting software

If you are not already, now’s a great time to switch your pen-and-paper financials over to an online platform. Using accounting software can help you better manage your finances, and, most importantly, it will help you reduce errors – common accounting errors include accidental omissions, incorrectly classified data, and cash flow recording mistakes. The right accounting program will help you manage everything from tax deductions to invoicing. Look for a program that has a free option so that you aren’t spending extra when your budget hangs in the balance.

Prioritize your website and online presence

Your online presence matters more during the recession than just about any other time, especially if your goal is growth. If you’re looking for ways to ensure that your website caters to your customers and optimizes their experience, this is a good one to consider. Personalized content caters to each individual user so that your site looks like it was built just for them. This can result in greater engagement and conversions.

Keep as much cash as possible

During times of inflation, dollars are worth less than before. Because of this, it pays to keep as much cash on hand so that you don’t have to borrow and pay back higher-interest loans. However, if you do find yourself with the need for a cash injection, check SmartBiz for affordable loans that offer comfortable payment arrangements of between two and five years.

Watch your spending

When you need to keep as much cash as possible in hand, it pays to track what you’re spending. In addition to using free accounting software and choosing lower-interest loans, if you must borrow, you can also cut your spending in other ways. This includes cutting out extraneous benefits that your employees may not even love in the first place. The employee discount program is one example. While, on the surface, these “free” programs sound great for both you and your employees, Access Perks asserts that these are usually little more than a veiled attempt to grab your employees’ data.

Streamline your supply chain

Your supply chain can save you money, or it can cost you even more than you should be spending. Global recruitment firm Reed offers several tips on how to streamline here, including using e-procurement solutions, blockchain technology, automation, and third-party logistics.

Keep your best employees at all costs

Sure, your best employees are probably the ones that take up the biggest bulk of your payroll. But the ones that have been by your side, know your business, and, more importantly, know how to take care of your customers are the ones you can’t afford to lose. To keep your best employees, make sure to put your trust in them and let them prioritize their work/life balance. Most importantly, maintain an open line of communication and back away from the micromanagement platform.

When you’re facing recession, your first instinct should not be to slap a clearance sticker on your best-selling products. Instead, look for ways to better manage your money. Today’s tips, which include avoiding errors with the right accounting software, boosting your online presence, being smart about your loans, keeping your money where it belongs, and holding onto your best employees, are better than discounts. These sustainable practices can get you through the rough times and can be maintained through a smooth lens so that you can run a better business no matter what the economy’s doing around you.

If you’re looking to work with experts in financial planning, look no further than our team Woodson Wealth Management. Call 858-923-4500.

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