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🔐 Die with Zero Dollars (DwZ): Leveraging Joint and Survivor Annuities to Fulfill Core Expenses in Child-free Households

In the dynamic realm of financial planning, a distinctive philosophy has emerged – one that embraces a childfree lifestyle and aspires to Die with Zero or “DwZ”. This paradigm shift underscores a deliberate departure from conventional financial norms, prioritizing life experiences over traditional legacies. By consciously opting for a childfree

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How to use a Roth conversions to maximize tax-free income

Roth IRAs can be a great way to turn your retirement assets into future tax-free income.Since the money inside the Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) has already been taxed, you don’t have to pay taxes on qualified distributions and you don’t have to take Required Minimum Distributions from these accounts.

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