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How to start the new year off right

Though we’re all eager to move on from last year, there are still many factors outside our control in 2021. So, take some time now to be intentional about the kind of year you want to have and the factors that ARE within your control. In this video, I’m going

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Jamie Lima Launches the Emerging Millionaire Method™

Some people see the term “Wealth Manager” or #wealthmanagement and it makes them feel unqualified to work with me/us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The old way of conducting business–sitting behind a mahogany-desk, and banging out calls to get people to buy the next hot IPO or telling

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Do You Have Enough Insurance, or Too Much? Find out here.

Hi, I’m Jamie Lima with Woodson Wealth Management. As the crisis continues and we continue to deal with the anxiety driven by the election, it’s clear that we’re in for months and maybe years of economic pain. A lot of folks are still worried about what the long-term effects and

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Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

One of the very first things we discuss with our clients is risk tolerance. How do you handle risk? How do you feel towards money? And, so on. This is an incredibly important part of the financial planning process and it helps us do a better job of providing #fiduciary

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Why are fee-only advisors different? Three key things…

Hi, I’m Jamie with Woodson Wealth Management, and I’m going to help you sidestep some major headaches, save you time, and put more money in your pocket. First – some quick background about the changing financial services industry: Over the last 15 years, our industry has gone through some dramatic

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