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What’ll happen with the outcome of the election?

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Hi, I’m Jamie Lima with Woodson Wealth Management, and I’m here to help you keep cool, calm, and collected in these uncertain times.

I’ve been hearing many questions and concerns from folks about the upcoming elections, especially in light of the President’s previous COVID situation, and the turmoil in Washington.

Trump supporters are worried about a Biden win.

Biden supporters are nervous about a Trump win.

Whichever side of the political divide you sit on, you might be anxious about who is going to win and what it could mean for your money.

I get it. Emotions are running high, and the way things are going this year, it seems like anything could happen. I’m not here to make predictions, but I can offer some insight.

So… will it actually be the end of the world if “the other guy” wins? Here are three things to keep in mind.

One: We can expect market volatility because we’re in uncertain times. The good thing is that we can prepare for that volatility and mentally get ready.

Two: Even if the other guy wins, his ability to change regulations really depends on what happens with the House and Senate. If the two branches of government remain split, we probably won’t see major changes any time soon.

Three: While the election is top of mind right now, it’s not the only thing driving markets. We’ve got a pandemic, an economy recovering from a recession, and a society undergoing major shifts. My job is to keep an eye on all of that, so you don’t have to.

I can’t predict who will win or what will happen next. But, I can help you work through scenarios and make plans for an uncertain 2020 and 2021.

If you have questions about how the elections might affect your portfolio or you’d like to talk one-on-one, please use the form below to send me a message. I’ll respond personally.

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