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Why Study Financial Management at College?

You may think that most financial planners will have studied finance at College. As I explained to Ginger Szala from Think Advisor I always had a passion for finance and thought getting a degree in it would be helpful and, it was, to some extent. The reality is, the curriculum did not prepare me for the work I am doing as a CFP today. That came later, once I had an opportunity to work hands-on and break into the business with Morgan Stanley in 2006.

The good news is, [my] bachelor’s and MBA positioned me to be a business owner. The academic lessons helped me manage the business whereas the hands-on experience has helped me become a solid advisor.

Is There Value in Studying Financial Management?

There is a difference in studying a topic and learning from the books and theory of that topic, and another from putting that knowledge and information to practical use. You really don’t gain the most value from anything until you are able to use it and make sense of what you learned yourself. That is why it is valuable to get both the college degree and have practical experience.

If you have an interest in finance and financial management I would highly recommend studying it or something related in College, and also consider how you can find the capacity to gain practical experience. This will not only solidify what you are looking, but also set you up for a bright future in the world of financial management.

Yes there is value in studying financial management. You learn things through your study that you need to know. And some of that book learning may only make sense later once you have had some real hands on experience working in the field.


I was one of a number of Financial Advisors interviewed for an article published in Think Advisor.

You can read what each of us thought about the value of gaining a college degree before stepping into the world of being a Certified Financial Planner.




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