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Jamie Lima Launches the Emerging Millionaire Method™

Some people see the term “Wealth Manager” or #wealthmanagement and it makes them feel unqualified to work with me/us.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The old way of conducting business–sitting behind a mahogany-desk, and banging out calls to get people to buy the next hot IPO or telling a young couple that they don’t qualify to be a client because they have less than 7 figures in a brokerage account–are dead.
Advisors – if you are still doing this, I am sad to say, your days are numbered.
Wealth Management isn’t about getting you in on the next IPO or turning $300,000 into $3,000,000. It’s so much more than that.
• helping you maximize your workplace benefits,
• helping you decide whether to buy rental property or invest your savings,
• analyzing college savings plans and assisting you in setting them up,
• determining when the right time to upsize or downsize your home is,
• walking you through the process of #estateplanning so if something were to happen to you, your kids would be OK,
• working with you to determine how much (if any) life insurance you may need,
• helping you find, interview, and manage a relationship with a CPA, and more.
It’s not about investments. It’s about being a servant to our clients and redefining what “wealth management” means.

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