Woodson Wealth Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I hear the term fiduciary a lot. Are you one, and what does that really mean?

We hear it, too, but unlike others who try to use it as a sales tactic, we are true fiduciaries. This means we are legally bound to act in your best interest at all times. Not just some of the time. All of the time. Even when it might mean that it could cost us money.

Q – I see the term Wealth Management and it makes me uneasy. I’m starting out and don’t have a lot of money to invest. Can you help me, or should I wait till I have some ‘wealth’?

“Wealth” means different things to different people and to us, it certainly doesn’t relate to the size of your brokerage account.

When we launched the firm, we wanted to make sure that we were more than just investment managers or financial planners for our clients. We help with all of these things and then some, which is really what wealth management is all about.

Whether you are just starting out or preparing for retirement in a few years, our wide breadth of services and almost two decades of experience allow us to help in so many areas. You don’t need $1 million in your brokerage account or wait for some fictitious version of ‘wealth.’

You just need to have the desire to take the advice given, be engaged in the process, and not wait until it’s too late.

Q – So many people say I should just handle my investments on my own. Why would I want to hire an adviser to help me?

This is a great question and the reality is that you can absolutely handle your investments on your own. In fact, some of the clients we work with still choose to do so; we just manage the overall financial plan for them while they execute their own investment strategy.

We are not a cookie-cutter organization, and we will work with our clients to create a relationship that helps them improve their financial position but also allows for a level of comfort. If that is you, then that works for us, too.

That said, many studies have been done in this area and, historically speaking, combining financial advice with professional portfolio management increases returns by roughly 3% annually. Over a ten-year time frame, that means that you pick up an extra 30% in returns by engaging a professional to handle the investments (net of fees, too!).

Q – I know nothing about financial planning, where do I start?

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, we follow a specific process that we will take you through. You need not worry – we’ll make sure we are with you every step of the way.

The first step is to schedule an Information Session with us so we can get a chance to know one another, and see where we might best be able to help you.

We will show you step-by-step what you can expect from us and this will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process. By the end of this meeting, you’ll have a good sense of what to expect from us, and vice versa.

Q – I dream of having a million dollars when I retire, but don’t know how to make that happen, can you show me how?

This is another great question.

The truth is, until we get a chance to learn more about your situation, we really cannot answer that.

If you give us just 30 minutes to learn more about you and your goals during a Complimentary Information Session, we can certainly give you some clear next steps. This way, you’ll have a better idea on what you can do (and possibly how we can help you) to become more financially successful.

Q – How do you get paid, and what are my all-in costs?

We follow a pretty simple Fee Schedule, which is designed to ensure even those that are just starting out can afford to get the help they deserve and need. You can check that out here: Fee Schedule.

Since we are Fee-Only Advisors, we do not receive any commissions, kickbacks, or the like from any one. Your all-in costs are simply the fee that you pay us and if we manage the portfolio, the cost of the underlying investments, which may range from .01-.18%. 

We will provide you with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) before any investments are made so you will always know what your all-in costs will be.