The Emerging Millionaire Masterclass 4-Part Webinar Series

Part 3: 3 Simple Ways to Better Manage Your Credit

The pandemic has made it difficult for many people to manage cash flow and keep an eye on their budget. This often leads to an increase in credit usage, which can have a long-term impact on your ability to buy a home, purchase a car, and so on. Here are three simple, yet effective ways, to better manage your credit score for the long-run. 

Course Notes

  • During the pandemic, free credit reports were offered weekly and they are still offering free weekly reports. 
  • Visit to take a look at your report. 
  • While it’s generally okay to use the online submission tool to correct things like incorrect spellings on a name, wrong address, etc., use caution if disputing late payments. Contact us if you’d like to know how to handle removing late payments from your report. 

The 4th part of the series will be available and emailed to you tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it in your mailbox.

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